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Australian Swiss pianist, composer and actor Amy Rita was born in 2000 in Albany, Western Australia. 


Amy grew up in the beach town Queenscliff, then moved to Melbourne when she was 16 years old to pursue her artistic endeavours. Throughout her adolescence, she performed constantly in orchestra's, quartets and solos with piano, cello and voice. 


After a successful start to her career in film acting in 2019,

Amy took a break in 2023 to focus on her first passion, classical music.

Amy recorded her debut collection of original modern-classical piano pieces. She channeled her emotions of feeling stuck in a never-ending-loop of life and mundane routine into her first single 'Orbit,' which was written in a snap unexpected five-day lockdown in Melbourne, 2021.

Her debut EP 'Remembrance' was released in June 2023. Since then, Amy has been performing original piano concerts and composing for screen.

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